Busk [Monochrome Image of Week 08062015]

“He plays. But then don’t we all? Someday, somewhere, something, someone!”

"Busk" (Grafton Street, Republic of Ireland)
“Busk” (Grafton Street, Republic of Ireland)

This week’s monochrome image and also entry to MM challenge at Leanne Cole Photography.

I believe busking is a difficult job. Apart from exceptional talent, it also takes a lot of patience and tolerance. Imagine how good a movie or some show would need to be in order to take chance of letting people watch it first and then leave it to them if they want to pay. And then patience and tolerance to keep playing even when you know almost no one is watching or noticing you. May be this is the reason why Grafton street (Dublin, Republic of Ireland where this photo is taken) has given us the artists of the kinds of Paddy Casey and Glen Hansard. So, while walking on a street, if you see a street artist, stop for a minute, take your headphones off and listen to the music. Who knows you may get to listen to some wonderful music which may even cost you a 100$ ticket few years later. 🙂

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