Not Small World was started with and runs on pure passion for travel and photography. We are currently based out of Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

After travelling around the globe for many years, we learnt this valuable lesson firsthand – It’s not a small world after all. Despite all the technological advancements, the internet and faster modes of transport, there will always be more in the world to know, to explore, to eat and to experience. And that’s how Not Small World was conceived! As we say at Not Small World, we are in it for the love of it!

From the humble beginnings as a personal travel blog in 2012, today, Not Small World has grown to become a well-regarded name in the industry serving a niche clientele in both the areas of service.

Our rich photography services portfolio is spearheaded by photographer Nirav Raval. We specialize in architectural, aerial, product and abstract photography and work with art galleries, architects and interior designers across Europe and the Indian subcontinent.

In travel services area, we concentrate mainly on learning, knowledge and cultural exploration focused budget travels catering end to end requirements from planning/budgeting all the way to local guide services (in selected cities, through our affiliates).

We use photography as a tool to freeze the wonder moments, introduce new places to people and stimulate their 7R gene to help them get out and go exploring!

We work towards safe, well informed and affordable travel for everyone. In present times, traveling is no more a luxury but a necessity, we believe. In today’s fast moving, competitive and globalized world, traveling is an essential part of one’s intellectual growth and we are here to help at every step of it!

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