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We Vs Ourselves


As Frances Shea’s character said in movie Legend (2015) –
“The world is quite like London. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it just is. There’s no morality or dishonor, just your own lonely code. Until your race is run. Until the end. Until we’re all just ghosts of the people we once thought we were.”

I like how London is compared to the world, to all of us, without being judgmental, about the world or about all of us.

However, based on one’s perception, there are a million ways one can interpret the later part of the quote. I can’t figure out if it’s rage or regret or pain or disappointment. I cannot know. But then, can anyone? Isn’t it all about perceptions? Life is (relatively) easier (for you) when you are rigid and have only one perception towards things. When you try honestly to evaluate multiple perceptions to look at the same thing – conflict begins. We Vs Ourselves conflict.

No, there is not a point I am trying to make. I am long past that. Just that there are times in life, when this conflict defines who we are and keeps us from turning into something we have despised whole our lives.


P.S.  – There is this particular characteristic of London as a city. Monochrome images of London look absolutely poetic. You look at any black and white image of its streets or landmarks, you don’t feel anything is missing, you don’t miss colors. Somehow, grey suits it better. 🙂


Knock Knock

IMG_8840_ed - Copy

‘Knock Knock’

I saw a dream last night. Happy dream, rare for me.

In my dream, I heard a knock at the door. I got out of bed, opened the door and there I saw someone at the door, standing right there, in front of me. I remember, I was genuinely happy to see that person there. I can’t remember if I said anything. The rest of the details are very faint too and the most irritating part is that I cannot even remember who it was at the door!

When I woke up in the morning, I was feeling fresh and happy (again, not my usual morning!) and I have to say, I liked it. I really tried hard to remember who was at the door. I tried to think of people who could make me happy just by paying a surprise visit! There are very few such people other than my parents and my sister. They say dreams reflect your inner self, sometimes your self which even you are unaware of! Was I expecting somebody to knock at the door? Or does it just tell me that a knock at the door, irrespective of who it is, may make me happy? Or is it just nothing and I am overthinking a simple, meaningless dream?

It was like –

‘Knock Knock!’

‘Who is there?’

‘It’s me!’

‘Me who?’

‘Hello! Who?’


‘Who is it? Hello!’


What a f***ing joke!

It’s [Just Another] Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day (to whomsoever it may concern)!


Dancing Heart!

Not that I have anything against love, but somehow, almost every year, this day passes like any other day for me. I have been in fairly awkward situations in the past because of missing this day. Once I ended up booking a table in a fancy restaurant with my cousin (we both had missed what day it was) on valentine’s day. We realized something wasn’t quite right when weirdly dressed waiter came to our table and started lighting up candles. We did finish dinner anyways (because we knew that not a single table, even in the crappiest restaurant in the town was going to be available if we let that one go) but that wasn’t easy. 🙂

I clicked this photograph in Dublin, Ireland (also home to St. Valentine’s Shrine) on the valentine’s day last year! I was taking routine evening stroll along the grand canal when I saw these two dancing in a beautiful rhythm, pretty much ignoring their surroundings. I took few pictures without disrupting the act. It was only later I realized that it was valentine’s day and the photo looked more relevant to the day it was clicked on.

No matter if you are in love or not, you have valentine or not, celebrate this valentine’s day, day of love, at the least by showing little love for yourself. Spend some time with yourself, listen to yourself and do something you love to do! And those who are going to ‘formally’ celebrate it, try to make sure that the same intensity of love lasts throughout the year and not just for a day!!



AtoZ – there is a whole world of words in-between!

Ever thought what is the longest word you can type using a single row of a QWERTY keyboard?


Irony, isn’t it?! 🙂



Dreams, Clicked.

Dreams, Clicked.

Speaking of dreams, art and dreams have always been interlinked, be it ancient paintings on some cave walls or be it more contemporary forms of arts. Photography, however, is odd one out when it comes to an artist’s ability to link his dreams to his work (presuming here that photography is an art as much as any other form of art).

A singer can sing to express his dreams, a poet will write a poem, a painter may be able to put it on a canvas and a sculpturer will carve his dream on a piece of rock! A photographer can not photograph his dreams or anything that’s in his head, for that matter. It must be a release for artist to put on paper or canvas what’s on their minds. Photographers are not blessed with that type of release. What is in the head pretty much stays there. Initially it bothers a lot and is painful at times but then one gradually adapts and learns to just let things be.

What would dreams or visions or thoughts look like if one could capture them in photos? I tried to prepare a small compilation of few of my images.





'Chasing Shadows'

‘Chasing Shadows’

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