Absolved : Monochrome Image Of Week 08022016

To me, sky symbolizes freedom. Open blue sky even more so. ūüôā First I thought of calling this one ¬†‘Icarus’ but then I thought, it represents a terrible end and this picture had nothing terrible about it. Except seagull, of course! Seagulls make me nervous. They represent ‘Mindless Arrogance’ (prejudice, I know). This picture rather gave a positive vibe with a flying bird in open … Continue reading Absolved : Monochrome Image Of Week 08022016

Busk [Monochrome Image of Week 08062015]

“He plays. But then don’t we all? Someday, somewhere, something, someone!” This week’s monochrome image and also entry to MM challenge at Leanne Cole Photography. I believe busking is a difficult job. Apart from exceptional talent, it also takes a lot of patience and tolerance. Imagine how good a movie or some show would need to be in order to take chance of letting people … Continue reading Busk [Monochrome Image of Week 08062015]

The ‘L’ League

When it comes to birthday gifts, I never¬†disappoint myself. This time it was a¬†Canon 24-70mm F/4 L IS USM lens. I had been planning to get one for a while and this looked¬†like a perfect excuse. This photo¬†is one of my¬†early¬†experiments with the lens and so far, it has met every single¬†expectation I had from it. Even without going into technicalities of the image, its … Continue reading The ‘L’ League