Head On

They did not stand a chance! I would not dare to go against these fearless and fearsome birds. I wonder, what possibly could have been on those little pigeons’ minds? A pint of Guinness may be! May be these two little lads got their hands (or beaks) on a pint of Guinness left unattended. And after having some, one might have said, “Too much of running away! Lets f***ing sort things out with him. Now.”

Head On!
Head On!

However, on serious note, such fights are fun to fight. When you know you don’t stand a chance and you still choose to go head on. It can be a fight against anyone, anything! Time, person, situation, circumstances, anything. And there is a positive way of looking at it – It’s always worth a try. If you win, it’s a big deal. If you don’t, it’s not a big deal! I would call it a win-win situation!

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