The Usual Disclaimer Thing

Nature of this blog is supposed to be a light read more inclined towards travelling, photography and other random things from day to day world. It will occasionally include personal thoughts, ideas, perceptions, beliefs and more. Having lived in a free country (or countries for that matter), we have habit of thinking free and speaking out what, we feel, is right. At the same time, we respect the other person’s freedom to disagree to an idea or a thought. Intention of blog is not to offend the reader in any way whatsoever. In case of any concern, please raise it up (in comments section or send email to : and it will be given due attention.

Content of this blog (unless explicitly mentioned) is copyrighted intellectual property and re-publishing the same without prior approval must be avoided under any circumstances. However, feel free to reach us at to get prior approval for re-publishing any content or should one need any additional information/clarification on a post and we will be more than happy to provide the same.

The rest is all simple. And interesting. Happy reading!

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