When I was writing previous post, I smiled at the statement where I said we are from a free country. Smile was with reference to the AIB Knockout controversy in India.

The comedy category of ‘ROAST’ is fairly new and unexplored here. May be it wasn’t given a shot by talented comedians we have is because the rich and famous have habit of taking it for granted that they can not be made fun of. They may not laugh along. Unlike Donald Trump or (even) Barack Obama. And if not rich and famous, what’s point of roast. Why would some one roast me even if I don’t mind!?

Now someone has turned out to be bold enough to try something new or introduce something new in this case. Before I defend this attempt of theirs, I do agree that a part of this particular event (AIB Knockout) was vulgar, intensely indecent and brutally offensive if we look from point of view of some people. But then when you do something new, you don’t have set standards to compare your creation to. A lot of jokes made around religion, race etc were particularly sensitive if audience forgets that it is just a comic event. However, fuss created around vulgar language and funny attempt of rating it as anti-cultural event was absolutely hopeless.

Hypocrites are everywhere. I am referring to those crybabies who opened YouTube, searched the video, watched it (and most likely laughed too) and then branded it as something that damages our culture. Come on now! Why would you watch it? It was not broadcasted on TV that you accidentally stumbled upon it. And these are the same people whose culture was not damaged when couple of them were watching porn inside state assembly. It was just humane mistake then.

And then I was wondering, how would some PSI Tavde have shouted at AIB team.

“Public me BenCh**, MadarCh*** bolta hai, Bho**dike! Sanskar naam ki koi cheez he nahi hai Chu*yon me!! Agar public ka itna support nahi rehta to tumhari g**d me danda daal ke taang diye rehte the! Tuja Aichi….”

Not all of us had to like it after watching it. If at all someone’s feelings were hurt, even by a comic event, it’s just natural and they have right to raise it up. Some people are just too sensitive than others. But then they shouldn’t MAKE AIB team take the video off the web! What are they trying to do? Stage a small scale Charlie Hebdo!? Freedom comes at a cost. Cost one pays by tolerating it when the other over utilises it once in a while. You can either be free or not free. There is no middle ground. If there are people to decide limits of your freedom, you are not free.

And at last, we don’t want our children and grand children to read this in that book of fun facts. Do we?




27). Until early 21st century, credit card fraud was a capital crime in china.

28). In 2015 Govt forced a video to be taken off the web because it contained too many F*** words. Fun part is that, the censure board of India had approved over 20 films for public release with the same words the same year.




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