City Life : Monochrome Image Of Week 23052016

This week’s monochrome image and entry to MM challenge on Leanne Cole Photography.

Sometimes I feel that London should be global center for monochrome photography (Or maybe it already is). In any case, beautiful architecture, busy and happening streets and most importantly, absence of dramatic colors (during the day, at least) from the scene make London look beautiful in grey.

About this particular photo, right amount of light, symmetry and clean lines directed towards visual center of the image create almost 3D effect. Depending on one’s perception, one may see a set of flat travelators or a set of escalators going upward.

City Life

‘City Life’

I think, it is one of the most ‘technically correct’ photos I have clicked so far. Well, a good beginning of a long new year ahead.

P.S. : This one is from the first batch of pictures clicked with new Canon 6D, my this year’s little birthday present to myself. As I always say, when it comes to a gift on your own birthday, don’t disappoint yourself. Or like character Jordan Chase said in one of Dexter episodes – ‘If you think you deserve something, take it!’ 🙂