Malmo (It’s in Sweden)

 Writing is a tricky thing. You can’t write in two states – when you have nothing to write (of course) and when you are overwhelmed by the content you have. For me, it was quite busy summer. London, Edinburgh (the fringe obviously), Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmo and Stockholm. With these travels, came  lot of new experiences, learning, stories and of course, photos. And at … Continue reading Malmo (It’s in Sweden)

‘Radiant’ : London Chronicles Continue

Idea was to click a typical urban scene in London which symbolizes energy radiating from the pace of the city. What could possibly be a better place than a London tube station to witness that first hand? People rushing through London tubes at that pace is like blood flowing through veins in human body. A movement that is evidence of life. London has this energy … Continue reading ‘Radiant’ : London Chronicles Continue

City Life : Monochrome Image Of Week 23052016

This week’s monochrome image and entry to MM challenge on Leanne Cole Photography. Sometimes I feel that London should be global center for monochrome photography (Or maybe it already is). In any case, beautiful architecture, busy and happening streets and most importantly, absence of dramatic colors (during the day, at least) from the scene make London look beautiful in grey. About this particular photo, right … Continue reading City Life : Monochrome Image Of Week 23052016

Conversations #5 And Monochrome Image Of The Week 29022016

‘Look, I gotta go! I will call you as soon as I can. Ok?’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because I am getting late!’ ‘What the fuck?! It’s not funny okay!?’ ‘What?! What’s not funny?’ ‘What did you just say?’ ‘That I am getting late! Late!’ ‘Oh OK! Bye.’ P.S. : Idiots and adults with subnormal commonsense and lack of ability to think or process information (I am not … Continue reading Conversations #5 And Monochrome Image Of The Week 29022016

It’s [Just Another] Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day (to whomsoever it may concern)! Not that I have anything against love, but somehow, almost every year, this day passes like any other day for me. I have been in fairly awkward situations in the past because of missing this day. Once I ended up booking a table in a fancy restaurant with my cousin (we both had missed what day it was) on valentine’s … Continue reading It’s [Just Another] Valentine’s Day

Absolved : Monochrome Image Of Week 08022016

To me, sky symbolizes freedom. Open blue sky even more so. 🙂 First I thought of calling this one  ‘Icarus’ but then I thought, it represents a terrible end and this picture had nothing terrible about it. Except seagull, of course! Seagulls make me nervous. They represent ‘Mindless Arrogance’ (prejudice, I know). This picture rather gave a positive vibe with a flying bird in open … Continue reading Absolved : Monochrome Image Of Week 08022016