Absolved : Monochrome Image Of Week 08022016

To me, sky symbolizes freedom. Open blue sky even more so. đŸ™‚ First I thought of calling this one  ‘Icarus’ but then I thought, it represents a terrible end and this picture had nothing terrible about it. Except seagull, of course! Seagulls make me nervous. They represent ‘Mindless Arrogance’ (prejudice, I know). This picture rather gave a positive vibe with a flying bird in open … Continue reading Absolved : Monochrome Image Of Week 08022016

Cumil, The Happy Guy

This is probably the most recognized site/’Landmark’/’Monument’ in Bratislava old town. There is no historic significance but the guy is named Cumil, he is there in old town Bratislava since 1997 and everybody likes him. Best part I like about him is that he looks genuinely happy (especially when you are in a town like Bratislava, it matters đŸ™‚ ). They say he represents the communist … Continue reading Cumil, The Happy Guy