This is probably the most recognized site/’Landmark’/’Monument’ in Bratislava old town. There is no historic significance but the guy is named Cumil, he is there in old town Bratislava since 1997 and everybody likes him. Best part I like about him is that he looks genuinely happy (especially when you are in a town like Bratislava, it matters 🙂 ).

They say he represents the communist era (not sure how) by not caring about work and peeping out and watching people on the street despite being on duty. Some say he is looking up women’s skirts. Not sure which of the two would justify consummate happiness expressed on his face. I would leave that descision entirely on reader’s own discretion.

He has been struck by vehicles more than once and is now moved near the pedestrian path to avoid accident with vehicles passing on the street. Funny part is that he is protected by a proper “Men At Work” sign.