Vienna and the (Pink) Young Hare

Vienna, Austria (July 2014). Walking through the city near Vienna State Opera building I saw this giant pink bunny. I took few pictures and walked on (I am allergic to pink color 😛 ). I really did not bother then what that bunny was all about and why it was there. After coming back home, just out of curiosity, I researched a little and found out … Continue reading Vienna and the (Pink) Young Hare

Amsterdam : The ‘No Fuss’ Way

But then what is the point in creating all the fuss around finding purpose of life? ‘No Fuss’ is just another way of leading life. No fuss over proving anything. No fuss over pushing too hard make others happy! No fuss over attempts to achieve acceptance and trying to be understood! I am not judging if it is right way or a wrong way of leading … Continue reading Amsterdam : The ‘No Fuss’ Way