Vienna and the (Pink) Young Hare

(Pink Young Hare, Vienna)
(Pink Young Hare, Vienna)

Vienna, Austria (July 2014).
Walking through the city near Vienna State Opera building I saw this giant pink bunny. I took few pictures and walked on (I am allergic to pink color 😛 ). I really did not bother then what that bunny was all about and why it was there. After coming back home, just out of curiosity, I researched a little and found out some interesting facts. It is a 3D model (by Ottmar Hörl) of a 500 years old painting ‘Young Hare’ by German painter Albrecht Dürer. The painting is in Albertina, Vienna (right across the street).

In my personal opinion, it symbolizes the very fact that although it does not really fit in the neo-renaissance backdrop where it is installed, it manages to stand defiant on its own as an impressive work of modern art.

Ever since I had taken this photo, I wanted to edit it in a way that only pink color bunny is in color and rest of the picture is in monochrome. Now that I am not a lot into editing, it took me a while to figure out the trick and finally I managed to get the result I wanted. Purpose of this edit was to present the idea that when you actually see this bunny on the street, you do find rest of the backdrop colorless as compared to bright and dramatic pink color of the bunny.

Vienna was a great experience. It’s a wonderful city with rich heritage and culture and is a photographer’s paradise. Just that I found the city too fine and little too in order for my taste (may be I am subconsciously comparing it with Munich, Germany where I had spent the previous 4 days for the FIFA World Cup Final 2014 🙂 ). But yes, it is a lot less chaotic compared to London or Munich or even Prague for that matter (Which, again, is a good thing in a way).


The second best experience I had in Vienna was Sachertorte at Demel’s. Trust me friends, you don’t eat Sachertorte, it happens to you. It is an experience you take with you unlike many other food items you might just eat during your trip. This one comes all along and remains with you for long time. There is a lot about Vienna I will share in future posts. About food, art and culture, public transport and much more. Until then, Keep travelling, Keep trying, Keep experiencing, Keep sharing, Keep going, Keep living, who knows what surprise life is wrapping up for you right at this moment! 😀

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