Amsterdam : The ‘No Fuss’ Way

(A Bicycle on a street in Amsterdam, Netherlands)
(A Bicycle on a street in Amsterdam, Netherlands)

But then what is the point in creating all the fuss around finding purpose of life? ‘No Fuss’ is just another way of leading life. No fuss over proving anything. No fuss over pushing too hard make others happy! No fuss over attempts to achieve acceptance and trying to be understood! I am not judging if it is right way or a wrong way of leading life but what I can say for sure is that it is one practical way of living life. The ‘No Fuss’ way! 🙂

Coffee Shop It Is!
Coffee Shop It Is!

These photos were taken in Amsterdam, Netherlands on one of the streets somewhere along the canals. I was in Amsterdam for 2-3 days and don’t remember a lot of things honestly. But then that’s how Amsterdam is!

When landed back in Dublin, customs guy at airport stopped me. Asked me where was I flying from? I said, from Amsterdam. He made me open my luggage. Checked everything before letting me go. Later in the bus I got some looks and then on next day at work. And I was like – Stop giving me that look! I was in Amsterdam, I will smell like Amsterdam for a day or two 😛

Also, few days later I was walking through some street deep into North Dublin and there was this smell. For a moment, I felt like I was in Amsterdam. North Dubliners would know what I mean. 🙂

P.S. : I stayed in an upmarket hotel in Amsterdam and that’s a stupid thing to do. Under normal circumstances, that’s not me and I regret doing that. I am going to correct this as soon as I get to visit Amsterdam again. I will write more about visiting Amsterdam in coming posts.

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