Lone [Monochrome Image of Week 01062015]

Some images are strong. Without any direct reference, they can express strong emotions. And sometimes, surprisingly, simplest of the images and that too in monochrome, turn out to be the most expressive. This photo here is one of my personal favorites. I find this image very sad. Did the boat reach that far from the shore on its own? Did someone take it there? What is it doing … Continue reading Lone [Monochrome Image of Week 01062015]

The ‘L’ League

When it comes to birthday gifts, I never disappoint myself. This time it was a Canon 24-70mm F/4 L IS USM lens. I had been planning to get one for a while and this looked like a perfect excuse. This photo is one of my early experiments with the lens and so far, it has met every single expectation I had from it. Even without going into technicalities of the image, its … Continue reading The ‘L’ League

Concluded – The Iron Lady Portfolio

I have been posting a series pictures of Eiffel Tower I had taken on my last trip to Paris (also my first). As I always say, there are infinite possible combinations of weather, sky color, mood, time, lighting and places from where photo is being taken. Every photo of Eiffel Tower taken at any juncture is unique in itself. These are the last two of … Continue reading Concluded – The Iron Lady Portfolio

St. Patrick’s Day Wishes

Looking at this picture reminds me the connection of Irish to green color! And the way Irish countryside is so green, this color appropriately represents country and people. I used to joke, isn’t word ‘green’ redundant in “Irish Green Card”? Doesn’t “Irish card” make it green anyways? Few years ago, to be honest, I did not even know there was such thing called St. Patrick’s day, … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Wishes