Malmö (It’s in Sweden) Cont..

As I said, the best of Malmö was yet to come. And no Malmö chronicle is complete without Turning Torso in it. For me, it is the epitome of elegant design and clean lines. I am no expert but I have an eye for detail and I think it is one of the most carefully balanced illustrations of modern architectural designs. Not too flamboyant to be unpleasant to eyes … Continue reading Malmö (It’s in Sweden) Cont..

Malmo (It’s in Sweden)

 Writing is a tricky thing. You can’t write in two states – when you have nothing to write (of course) and when you are overwhelmed by the content you have. For me, it was quite busy summer. London, Edinburgh (the fringe obviously), Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmo and Stockholm. With these travels, came  lot of new experiences, learning, stories and of course, photos. And at … Continue reading Malmo (It’s in Sweden)