Malmö (It’s in Sweden) Cont..

As I said, the best of Malmö was yet to come. And no Malmö chronicle is complete without Turning Torso in it. For me, it is the epitome of elegant design and clean lines. I am no expert but I have an eye for detail and I think it is one of the most carefully balanced illustrations of modern architectural designs. Not too flamboyant to be unpleasant to eyes and also not blandly minimalistic. Very appropriately sized –  tall enough that it won’t go unnoticed in the skyline of Malmo and at the same time, not too tall to be intimidating in relatively modest skyline of Malmo. I have seen Cayenne Tower, Dubai in person. It is almost two times taller than Turning Torso, was built 8 years after Turning Torso was completed and yet it doesn’t look half as impressive (it maybe because of the cityscape and skyline surrounding it). So, to me, seeing Turning Torso was the ultimate reason behind Malmö visit and everything else Malmö offered was added bonus!
We reached feet of Turning Torso around sunset time. It looked stunning in that bright orange sunlight. It fulfilled every expectation I had from it.

We decided to walk further down to harbor to view the sunset before we head back to the train station. That’s where we saw the first open shop in Malmö and our survival instincts kicked in. We kept the harbor and the sunset aside for a moment and bought essential items from the shop. Then we continued down to the harbor and the view there left me speechless. It was something I had never seen before. The color of sky, rain pouring down from clouds far far away and the majestic Öresund Bridge at the distance – everything was almost perfect. It looked like these pieces were carefully weaved into the landscape. I tried to take photos but soon realized that not photo, no camera and no photographer can capture what I was looking at in person. I just stood there admiring what was in front of me.


Moving onto the last part of the visit – the dinner! Right there, at the harbor, there is this Italian cafe/restaurant called Bar Italia. A perfect place to be on a summer evening in Malmö . Place was fairly busy (by Malmö standards) as they served good ice cream and have outdoor sitting. We were told that their closing time was around 35 minutes away and we may have to take away our food if we don’t have enough time to eat in. So, we ordered 2 dishes, decided to have one there and take away the other. I also got a cup of coffee to go. What made this part memorable was the people on the other side of the counter. They were polite, very professional and very helpful. Until that point we had no clue how on the god’s green earth were we planning to reach back to the train station! We were enjoying one part at a time. Now, having finished with dinner, we started thinking about options. Walking back was out of question. Malmö didn’t exactly seem to be a place where you wave your hand and get a cab. So, this friend of mine asked a lady at the counter. I had hoped that at best,she would give us a phone number to call a cab. Much to my (pleasant) surprise, she went on to call the taxi service and book a cab for us. Great food, good service, good coffee and on top of all, this. They made our day.
And yes, we easily made to the train station in time. And it was time bid adieu to Malmö and to catch the night train to Stockholm! A wonderful day ended with a night long train ride? It can’t get better than that! 🙂

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