Malmo (It’s in Sweden)

 Writing is a tricky thing. You can’t write in two states – when you have nothing to write (of course) and when you are overwhelmed by the content you have. For me, it was quite busy summer. London, Edinburgh (the fringe obviously), Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmo and Stockholm. With these travels, came  lot of new experiences, learning, stories and of course, photos. And at the end of this summer, I will stick to what I have always been saying – It’s not a small world!

Let’s start with Malmo. [7 out of 10 asked me, where’s that?] It’s 3rd largest city in Sweden which isn’t yet entirely sure if it is in Sweden or Denmark. Part because of its proximity to Denmark and part because of its history.

One of absolute highlights of my trip. I hardly spent half a day there but I will remember every moment spent there, every street I walked, every building I passed by and every face I saw (also because I didn’t see many). It was a beautiful in its own way. It has got this flavor that I know now that when I will visit a place like it somewhere else in the world, I will call it ‘a city like Malmo’. Very modern, very chic and of course, very Scandinavian.


We reached there around 7 PM on a Friday evening. First thing we did was to find lockers at the train station and left out luggage in one of the lockers. Lockers  are easy to find and it was very convenient.

Although I was very careful with my expectations knowing Scandinavian cities a little by now, I had hoped that it being Friday evening, the city center will be little crowded with people on streets and food places will be busy. Now on the scale of 0 to 10 of surprise, I got 11. City was practically empty. We walked from central station to the Turning Torso via Malmo Castle. We struggled (and failed) to find a place to eat on the way. We laughed out of amazement all the way. It was funny because we did not eat anything while leaving train station thinking what kind of idiots eat at a train station in a beautiful town like Malmo. Also, We saw a guy walking around with mysterious cup of coffee. Mysterious because there was no cafe open anywhere nearby and even more so because we saw him once and then saw him again after 20 min and he was still sipping coffee from the same cup. Or maybe it was just our empty stomach playing games with us. We found this one cafe but it had a note stuck on the door that they were on vacation until certain date. We even contemplated that maybe whole town was on vacation! We managed with the chocolate bar we had in the bag. We walked through the quietest urban streets we had ever walked! And as if all these were not enough, we saw tram tracks ending right in middle of the road in an area looking like an abandoned ghost town (just a lot prettier)! And of course, the lady in red – the picture below was one very intriguing sight.


 Don’t take me wrong, Malmo is a very touristy place with all its points of interest. As I mentioned earlier, streets are stunning with mix of modern and old historic structures standing side by side. Just that we were very hungry :). And that too in wrong part of the town at wrong time. I have to admit, I ended up there unprepared. Also unlucky a little because we walked a street hardly 200 meters away from The Stortorget (that’s probably where entire town was that evening!) complaining about not being able to find a place to eat! But then I am glad all that happened because if we had found a place to eat right away, we would have eaten there and then would have walked around. Just another evening like any other European town. Malmo turned that evening into a memorable experience (in a positive way). And the best of Malmo was yet to come! (Continued in next post……)

Of course, the best of Malmo can’t be complete without the one and only –


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