MM2-4: Monochrome Entry For This Week [Istanbul]

A Street, Istanbul, Turkey
A Street, Istanbul, Turkey

A random street in Istanbul. Thanks to stupid plots of Hollywood movies set in this city with Sultan Ahmed Mosque in backdrop, Istanbul has this image of a city of mysteries (and Assassin’s Creed Revelations too :P). But when you walk down the streets, you know that it is a normal city like any other city. It has friendly people and good food to offer with seriously interesting history of the Ottomans. Hagia Sophia is, in my opinions, a place with the most fascinating history in the world that has survived today. When it come’s to history and culture, it is one of the likes of Rome, Athens and Varanasi. A city I would like to visit again and again.
[This week’s monochrome image and an my experiment with color highlight in a monochrome picture]

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