London Dreams : [Monochrome Image of Week 10082015]

This is this the monochrome image of the week and also entry to Monochrome challenge atĀ Leanne Cole Photography. ‘Dreams’ is a very tricky concept with so many meanings and interpretations. Word dream may mean a wish or an ambition or a strong desire of something or merely a vision one sees while asleep. Irony of human nature is that there are dreams we donā€™t get … Continue reading London Dreams : [Monochrome Image of Week 10082015]

Conversations : #2 Getting It All Wrong

He calls her, drunk. “Hi!” “Hey!” “I don’t know. Just called to say Hi. It’s been a while” “Okay. Hi. How are you?” “I’m fine. …..Moments of Silence….. I fucking miss you.” “Are you drunk?” “No! Yes! I mean not drunk, no! Why?” “Because you don’t seem to be getting words in rightĀ order there! Go sleep. Call me some other day may be.” “Good night” … Continue reading Conversations : #2 Getting It All Wrong

Conversations : #1 Radical Honesty

I tell truths, loud and clear, oftenĀ inconvenient, so easily that they stare at me. As if I did something inhuman or as if they are asking me if I was kidding. I stare back – “What?!” Radical honesty is really easy to practice once it becomes habit. And it is not that difficult for people around you too, once they start knowing you well. The … Continue reading Conversations : #1 Radical Honesty

MM2-4: Monochrome Entry For This Week [Istanbul]

A random street in Istanbul.Ā Thanks to stupid plots of Hollywood movies set in this city with Sultan Ahmed Mosque in backdrop, Istanbul has this image of a city of mysteries (and Assassin’s Creed Revelations too :P). But when you walk down the streets, you know that it is a normal city like any other city. It has friendly people and good food to offer with … Continue reading MM2-4: Monochrome Entry For This Week [Istanbul]