Ireland #01 : St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Let’s start with more known and relatively simpler fact – total population of Ireland is roughly 5 million (there are 7 cities in India with population more than that!) but there are 70-80 million Irish people on the planet who call this place home. Put it this way – if we consider that as ‘population’, Ireland would be in top 20 most populated countries. Considering that, … Continue reading Ireland #01 : St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Conversations #5 And Monochrome Image Of The Week 29022016

‘Look, I gotta go! I will call you as soon as I can. Ok?’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because I am getting late!’ ‘What the fuck?! It’s not funny okay!?’ ‘What?! What’s not funny?’ ‘What did you just say?’ ‘That I am getting late! Late!’ ‘Oh OK! Bye.’ P.S. : Idiots and adults with subnormal commonsense and lack of ability to think or process information (I am not … Continue reading Conversations #5 And Monochrome Image Of The Week 29022016

It’s [Just Another] Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day (to whomsoever it may concern)! Not that I have anything against love, but somehow, almost every year, this day passes like any other day for me. I have been in fairly awkward situations in the past because of missing this day. Once I ended up booking a table in a fancy restaurant with my cousin (we both had missed what day it was) on valentine’s … Continue reading It’s [Just Another] Valentine’s Day

Absolved : Monochrome Image Of Week 08022016

To me, sky symbolizes freedom. Open blue sky even more so. 🙂 First I thought of calling this one  ‘Icarus’ but then I thought, it represents a terrible end and this picture had nothing terrible about it. Except seagull, of course! Seagulls make me nervous. They represent ‘Mindless Arrogance’ (prejudice, I know). This picture rather gave a positive vibe with a flying bird in open … Continue reading Absolved : Monochrome Image Of Week 08022016

Conversations #4 : India Connection

“So Where are we going next?” “We are going back home! Look at you!” “What’s wrong with me? I’m perfectly fine! We are going there next! That pub! Right there! We have to go there!” “Look! Let’s go home now, we take some rest and may be we can go to that pub tomorrow! And what’s so special about that pub anyways!?” “You remember? I … Continue reading Conversations #4 : India Connection