Milestones and A Long Way To Go

Cahersiveen, Ring Of Kerry, Ireland
Cahersiveen, Ring Of Kerry, Ireland

I was in Listowel, Republic of Ireland last weekend to attend a book launch as part of Listowel Writers’ week 2015. I had contributed one picture in an amazingly informative picture book named “COUNTY KERRY 101 INTERESTING FACTS” (ISBN 978-0-9932712-0-5). This happens to be my first picture used in a published book. Not that this is the biggest thing one can achieve nor it was a significant contribution considering the hard work a lot of people have put in the book. But I am happy about it. First times are always exciting and they last forever.

On the journey where destination is uncertain, milestones induce complacence which in turn slows one down. Ignoring the milestones completely, on the other hand, may take the factor of excitement of achieving something, no matter how small, out. And one thing I have always tried to learn from people who inspire me is how to balance these two.

The picture here is a single shot (and not panorama) of a small town named Cahersiveen in Republic of Ireland, taken late in evening. The dramatic colors, surprisingly, don’t look unnatural. I still remember the day it was taken. I had done 60 KMs cycling on ring of Kerry the day before and my legs were in total agony. Fellow traveler decided to take rest at the B&B and I headed towards the bay. I walked across the bay and then along it to reach to this point but I could barely walk now and wasn’t sure how exactly was I planning to go back. Even scarier part was the tide. I was stupid not to consider high tide. Only when water started touching my boots, I realized I might get trapped as there was only a few feet wide muddy shoreline on my way there. Of course, water levels were not going to be high enough for me to drawn there but I still would have been in reasonable amount of trouble due to cold weather. I almost ran on my way back, got my boots dowsed but made it to the road in time. It was all worth it. It’s always worth it.

My favorite part in picture is the reflection. People who have been to Ireland would know that finding still water surfaces is not very likely. I was just lucky about that part. The white patch in the middle is smoke, which only made image look more natural. So, I decided to let it be there, as is.

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