City (Of) Lights : [Monochrome Image of Week 06072015]

This week’s entry to challenge on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY. I have posted below color version of the image as well. (Could not really decide which one looks better as image? Comments welcome.)

City (of) Lights

I am aware that I have been publishing many pictures of Paris,France for a while. As a photographer you do get stuck at it for a while after you be there. I am going through that phase probably! It’ll pass. 🙂

Until I visited Paris, I had an opinion that light spoils beauty of a night. A night is supposed to be dark or lit naturally, may be. But when you look down from Eiffel tower, you see this infinite sheet of light. It looks like, because sky lit the land during day, now this is the land’s humble attempt at lighting the sky during night. And it almost succeeds too! Probably that is why in the whole world there is only one city of light!

City (Of) Lights 2.0