The Bridge : [Monochrome Image of Week 03082015]

There is one thing I have always noticed that these famous structures, which we have seen in pictures and media for long time, turn out to be smaller or bigger than you would have anticipated! Just like I mentioned this earlier for Eiffel Tower, this, the tower bridge was surprisingly bigger, taller, larger than the image I had in my head. It was, it is, a treat for eyes. Viewing it in detail from different angles can be fun. Well, one of those funs which can cause pain in neck at the end.

"The Bridge"
“The Bridge”

One of the most recognized bridges or any structure for that matter, on the planet. And arguably the structure that defines London as city. I wouldn’t entirely disagree to those who believe that structure to be Big Ben (the Elizabeth Tower) but anything else (London Eye or Buckingham palace or The Gherkin) is way out of question in my opinion.

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