‘Radiant’ : London Chronicles Continue

Idea was to click a typical urban scene in London which symbolizes energy radiating from the pace of the city. What could possibly be a better place than a London tube station to witness that first hand? People rushing through London tubes at that pace is like blood flowing through veins in human body. A movement that is evidence of life.


London has this energy in its atmosphere which affects you even if you are completely unaware of it! The moment you step into the rhythm of the city, you start dancing along, even without realizing it. An unconventional dance that doesn’t ever get over. The tune changes, the dancers on the floor take turns but the dance goes on. Day and night. You don’t realize how much you walk just to change a line on a tube station. Walking on the streets is treat for eyes. Architectures from various times co-exist gracefully without clashing with one another. When I am in London, I walk around 15-20 KM a day with a 2 kg camera strapped to my hand and at times, with an 8 kg bag on my back. Can’t think of many cities where you can walk that long on the streets and not get bored.

Now, I may sound like a tourist awestruck with city’s aesthetics and what I am saying may not make sense from day to day life point of view but just think about it! No matter what city or town or country you are in, we all (almost all!) have to get up in the morning and go to work. We all have to walk on the street and we all have to use public transport every once in a while (especially in big cities) if not daily. Would you not rather prefer to walk on the streets full of people, looking at buildings beautifully designed and built with a lot of effort (and each one with its own story/history) than dead streets with ugly buildings and nobody around? Would you not rather use a public transport crowded with well dressed (important!) people like you, going to and coming back from work, living their lives, making you realize every moment that it’s not just you fighting to achieve whatever it is you have set out to achieve than you being the only person on an entire train?

P.S : This conversation I had with an old Englishman on a train in London. He asked me where was I from and I said, India. He asked me what did I do for living etc. Then he asked, ‘Do you know why every Londoner, from a security guard to a CEO, is a trainee?’ I said, ‘Because London always keeps teaching things?’ He said, ‘No. It’s because they all use trains.’ He laughed. Like he got me with that bad joke but then it is a hardcore fact! Everyone uses tube to go to work!

P.P.S. : Just noticed that I used to assign category ‘Europe’ to all my posts about London. Seems this will probably be last of those. 🙂

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