Conversations #5 And Monochrome Image Of The Week 29022016

‘Look, I gotta go! I will call you as soon as I can. Ok?’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because I am getting late!’ ‘What the fuck?! It’s not funny okay!?’ ‘What?! What’s not funny?’ ‘What did you just say?’ ‘That I am getting late! Late!’ ‘Oh OK! Bye.’ P.S. : Idiots and adults with subnormal commonsense and lack of ability to think or process information (I am not … Continue reading Conversations #5 And Monochrome Image Of The Week 29022016

Conversations #4 : India Connection

“So Where are we going next?” “We are going back home! Look at you!” “What’s wrong with me? I’m perfectly fine! We are going there next! That pub! Right there! We have to go there!” “Look! Let’s go home now, we take some rest and may be we can go to that pub tomorrow! And what’s so special about that pub anyways!?” “You remember? I … Continue reading Conversations #4 : India Connection

Conversations : #2 Getting It All Wrong

He calls her, drunk. “Hi!” “Hey!” “I don’t know. Just called to say Hi. It’s been a while” “Okay. Hi. How are you?” “I’m fine. …..Moments of Silence….. I fucking miss you.” “Are you drunk?” “No! Yes! I mean not drunk, no! Why?” “Because you don’t seem to be getting words in right order there! Go sleep. Call me some other day may be.” “Good night” … Continue reading Conversations : #2 Getting It All Wrong

Conversations : #1 Radical Honesty

I tell truths, loud and clear, often inconvenient, so easily that they stare at me. As if I did something inhuman or as if they are asking me if I was kidding. I stare back – “What?!” Radical honesty is really easy to practice once it becomes habit. And it is not that difficult for people around you too, once they start knowing you well. The … Continue reading Conversations : #1 Radical Honesty