Conversations #5 And Monochrome Image Of The Week 29022016


‘Look, I gotta go! I will call you as soon as I can. Ok?’


‘Because I am getting late!’

‘What the fuck?! It’s not funny okay!?’

‘What?! What’s not funny?’

‘What did you just say?’

‘That I am getting late! Late!’

‘Oh OK! Bye.’

P.S. : Idiots and adults with subnormal commonsense and lack of ability to think or process information (I am not even talking about knowledge yet) have harmed this world more than both the world wars put together, twice. I would exclude those who suffer from medical conditions as that is not by choice. But everyone else in that category, by choice, or because of absolute complacence and laziness to do something about it, are burden on humanity. They destroy lives and then don’t even know about it.

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