“So Where are we going next?”

“We are going back home! Look at you!”

“What’s wrong with me? I’m perfectly fine! We are going there next! That pub! Right there! We have to go there!”

“Look! Let’s go home now, we take some rest and may be we can go to that pub tomorrow! And what’s so special about that pub anyways!?”

“You remember? I used to tell you that here in Ireland they have flags of the USA, Canada, Australia, China, even that of England on pubs, B&Bs and Hotels! I never saw an Indian flag! But that pub has an Indian flag outside! We have to go there!”

“No we don’t! We have to go home! You have to go home!”

“No Home! That pub is special! Can’t you see it? We have to go there!”

“God! That’s not Indian flag! That’s Irish flag you drunk bastard! And you can’t lie down on pavement like that till morning! Get up and let’s go home!”