Conversations : #1 Radical Honesty

'Sublime' is the word!
‘Sublime’ is the word!

I tell truths, loud and clear, often inconvenient, so easily that they stare at me. As if I did something inhuman or as if they are asking me if I was kidding. I stare back – “What?!”

Radical honesty is really easy to practice once it becomes habit. And it is not that difficult for people around you too, once they start knowing you well. The tricky part is that sometimes, in very trivial situations, absolutely unknowingly, you end up saying something awkward, often funny, due to this habit of yours.

Last week we were on a small boat trip on the river Shannon in Republic of Ireland. On third evening, we had moored near village named Tarmenburry. After mooring I was standing near the lake with cup of tea in my hand. A friend was taking pictures there. This was the conversation I am talking about –

He said “Want me to take a picture of you having tea there with lake in background?”

I replied “Little too late for that. There is no more tea left in the cup.”

…… Moments of Silence ……….

Everybody laughed. It took me a while to actually figure out what was so funny about it? 😛

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