It’s [Just Another] Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day (to whomsoever it may concern)!

Dancing Heart!

Not that I have anything against love, but somehow, almost every year, this day passes like any other day for me. I have been in fairly awkward situations in the past because of missing this day. Once I ended up booking a table in a fancy restaurant with my cousin (we both had missed what day it was) on valentine’s day. We realized something wasn’t quite right when weirdly dressed waiter came to our table and started lighting up candles. We did finish dinner anyways (because we knew that not a single table, even in the crappiest restaurant in the town was going to be available if we let that one go) but that wasn’t easy. 🙂

I clicked this photograph in Dublin, Ireland (also home to St. Valentine’s Shrine) on the valentine’s day last year! I was taking routine evening stroll along the grand canal when I saw these two dancing in a beautiful rhythm, pretty much ignoring their surroundings. I took few pictures without disrupting the act. It was only later I realized that it was valentine’s day and the photo looked more relevant to the day it was clicked on.

No matter if you are in love or not, you have valentine or not, celebrate this valentine’s day, day of love, at the least by showing little love for yourself. Spend some time with yourself, listen to yourself and do something you love to do! And those who are going to ‘formally’ celebrate it, try to make sure that the same intensity of love lasts throughout the year and not just for a day!!

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