London Dreams : [Monochrome Image of Week 10082015]

This is this the monochrome image of the week and also entry to Monochrome challenge at Leanne Cole Photography.

‘Dreams’ is a very tricky concept with so many meanings and interpretations. Word dream may mean a wish or an ambition or a strong desire of something or merely a vision one sees while asleep. Irony of human nature is that there are dreams we don’t get to chose and don’t remember most of them when wake up and there are dreams we choose and run after our whole lives and yet we call both of them – ‘Dreams’! The pettiest insignificant events in life can incept a dream and the biggest of the disasters can not break them. They make the most rational of the men (humans, I mean) believe most irrational reasons to keep trying, keep going. Dreams, directly or indirectly, make us who we are now and who we will be in the end.

'London Dreams'
‘London Dreams’

Coming to title of this picture – when you see that mad amount of energy rushing through London tube, when you look at those eyes staring at London skyline outside window of a late evening DLR, you know that running after a dream is a tiring business! You learn a sad reality – many won’t make all the way to the end! But then, salute to those who try! Salute to those who ever tried!

P.S. : I sometimes wonder how many dreams it would have taken for a whole city to be associated with dreams! How many dreams had to break for Los Angeles to become ‘city of broken dreams’ or how many dreams did Mumbai build to become ‘city of dreams’? How many ambitions would have been buried in Galway for it to be called ‘Graveyard of Ambitions’?

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