Dreams, Clicked.

Speaking of dreams, art and dreams have always been interlinked, be it ancient paintings on some cave walls or be it more contemporary forms of arts. Photography, however, is odd one out when it comes to an artist’s ability to link his dreams to his work (presuming here that photography is an art as much as any other form of art).

A singer can sing to express his dreams, a poet will write a poem, a painter may be able to put it on a canvas and a sculpturer will carve his dream on a piece of rock! A photographer can not photograph his dreams or anything that’s in his head, for that matter. It must be a release for artist to put on paper or canvas what’s on their minds. Photographers are not blessed with that type of release. What is in the head pretty much stays there. Initially it bothers a lot and is painful at times but then one gradually adapts and learns to just let things be.

What would dreams or visions or thoughts look like if one could capture them in photos? I tried to prepare a small compilation of few of my images.

'Chasing Shadows'
‘Chasing Shadows’

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