Cumil, The Happy Guy

This is probably the most recognized site/’Landmark’/’Monument’ in Bratislava old town. There is no historic significance but the guy is named Cumil, he is there in old town Bratislava since 1997 and everybody likes him. Best part I like about him is that he looks genuinely happy (especially when you are in a town like Bratislava, it matters 🙂 ). They say he represents the communist … Continue reading Cumil, The Happy Guy

A Well Spent New Year Eve (2013)

Pictures have stories they often don’t tell. The person who clicks the pic, however, never forgets what exactly was going on around him and within at that moment. 31st December, in Galway, Ireland, night is about to fall (a cold winter evening, was getting dark early). I was walking around in the town. I still had few hours before I hit one of the pubs … Continue reading A Well Spent New Year Eve (2013)

Dramatic Sunset over the Atlantic

That was the second day at a small town named Cahersiveen on Ring of Kerry, Ireland. Having bicycled over 60 kms on the day before, legs were in total agony and I still ended up doing this hill walk called Beentee Loop. Now this being a long summer day, Sunset was still a couple of hours away and I had already started descending from the … Continue reading Dramatic Sunset over the Atlantic