The Wanderers’ Club

Istanbul Metro
(Istanbul Metro)

It starts with a short stroll in the garden, around a lake, along the river, in to the woods or on a mountain.
This is when you realize you like movement. It makes you feel still. You start liking it but you don’t know exactly what.
You start going longer, climbing higher, diving deeper.
You start pushing your own limits.
It slowly turns into an addiction.
An addiction like all other conventional addictions that grows with time, has all the potential to eventually kill you and costs you (at the least).
But then like all other addictions, it’s so good that you would not want to give it up.. Never Ever!

[And the occasion for this thoughtfulness is that after working for 3 companies, 5 cities in two countries, I am completing 6 years at work today. And I am hardly tired of life, in general 🙂 ]

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