A Well Spent New Year Eve (2013)


Pictures have stories they often don’t tell. The person who clicks the pic, however, never forgets what exactly was going on around him and within at that moment.

31st December, in Galway, Ireland, night is about to fall (a cold winter evening, was getting dark early). I was walking around in the town. I still had few hours before I hit one of the pubs and flow into 2014. I saw this magnificent green dome and naturally I was curious to find what it was (this curiosity has cost me a few times!). I asked couple of guys and they said it was a church. So, I walked all the way there (Cathedral is bit away from town center) and it was totally worth it. Interiors of the cathedral are as impressive and fantastic as its exteriors are.

(There is more, but only this much is relevant for now 😀 )
Galway Cathedral, 31st Dec, 2013 — in Galway, Ireland.

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