Dramatic Sunset over the Atlantic


That was the second day at a small town named Cahersiveen on Ring of Kerry, Ireland. Having bicycled over 60 kms on the day before, legs were in total agony and I still ended up doing this hill walk called Beentee Loop.

Now this being a long summer day, Sunset was still a couple of hours away and I had already started descending from the summit. The greedy photographer part of me was telling me it was going to be a beautiful sunset considering clear sky and patches of sea and hills at the distance. The only problem was that, if I wait to click sunset at that height, I will have to descend rest of the hill in dark, alone. Not really a good idea as I was new to the place, but greedy photographer within just wouldn’t listen to me. And I stayed. This and few more stunning sunset pics is what I got. It was way more beautiful than what I had expected and I had expected a lot. The bloody red sky made it just perfect. A photographer’s bliss. Fortunately made it to the town without any trouble.

Those couple of hours, I did not see or hear any human around me, only few horses around and a beautiful sunset. One of the best evenings I had spent till then.

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