Amsterdam : The ‘No Fuss’ Way

But then what is the point in creating all the fuss around finding purpose of life? ‘No Fuss’ is just another way of leading life. No fuss over proving anything. No fuss over pushing too hard make others happy! No fuss over attempts to achieve acceptance and trying to be understood! I am not judging if it is right way or a wrong way of leading … Continue reading Amsterdam : The ‘No Fuss’ Way

The Usual Disclaimer Thing

Nature of this blog is supposed to be a light read more inclined towards travelling, photography and other random things from day to day world. It will occasionally include personal thoughts, ideas, perceptions, beliefs and more. Having lived in a free country (or countries for that matter), we have habit of thinking free and speaking out what, we feel, is right. At the same time, we respect … Continue reading The Usual Disclaimer Thing