London Dreams : [Monochrome Image of Week 10082015]

This is this the monochrome image of the week and also entry to Monochrome challenge at Leanne Cole Photography. ‘Dreams’ is a very tricky concept with so many meanings and interpretations. Word dream may mean a wish or an ambition or a strong desire of something or merely a vision one sees while asleep. Irony of human nature is that there are dreams we don’t get … Continue reading London Dreams : [Monochrome Image of Week 10082015]

Busk [Monochrome Image of Week 08062015]

“He plays. But then don’t we all? Someday, somewhere, something, someone!” This week’s monochrome image and also entry to MM challenge at Leanne Cole Photography. I believe busking is a difficult job. Apart from exceptional talent, it also takes a lot of patience and tolerance. Imagine how good a movie or some show would need to be in order to take chance of letting people … Continue reading Busk [Monochrome Image of Week 08062015]

Jai Ho!

I met a guy at Listowel Writers’ Week who had traveled across India for over a year. He had been to Goa, Varanasi, Bodh gaya, Puskar etc (of course :D). And only Hindi words he learnt were “Shanti” (English translation : Peace) and “Sab kuchh milega!” (Rough English translation : You will get everything here). I can only imagine why he might have liked India so … Continue reading Jai Ho!

Milestones and A Long Way To Go

I was in Listowel, Republic of Ireland last weekend to attend a book launch as part of Listowel Writers’ week 2015. I had contributed one picture in an amazingly informative picture book named “COUNTY KERRY 101 INTERESTING FACTS” (ISBN 978-0-9932712-0-5). This happens to be my first picture used in a published book. Not that this is the biggest thing one can achieve nor it was … Continue reading Milestones and A Long Way To Go

Lone [Monochrome Image of Week 01062015]

Some images are strong. Without any direct reference, they can express strong emotions. And sometimes, surprisingly, simplest of the images and that too in monochrome, turn out to be the most expressive. This photo here is one of my personal favorites. I find this image very sad. Did the boat reach that far from the shore on its own? Did someone take it there? What is it doing … Continue reading Lone [Monochrome Image of Week 01062015]

Conversations : #2 Getting It All Wrong

He calls her, drunk. “Hi!” “Hey!” “I don’t know. Just called to say Hi. It’s been a while” “Okay. Hi. How are you?” “I’m fine. …..Moments of Silence….. I fucking miss you.” “Are you drunk?” “No! Yes! I mean not drunk, no! Why?” “Because you don’t seem to be getting words in right order there! Go sleep. Call me some other day may be.” “Good night” … Continue reading Conversations : #2 Getting It All Wrong

Conversations : #1 Radical Honesty

I tell truths, loud and clear, often inconvenient, so easily that they stare at me. As if I did something inhuman or as if they are asking me if I was kidding. I stare back – “What?!” Radical honesty is really easy to practice once it becomes habit. And it is not that difficult for people around you too, once they start knowing you well. The … Continue reading Conversations : #1 Radical Honesty